CRIB SHEETS Are You Covered?

New Parent Sleep Deprivation Solutions: Practical and Effective Expectant Parent Strategies

Sleep deprivation is undeniably the hardest part of parenting in baby's first months. Newborns feed 8 to 12 times a day—that means 2 to 3 hour sleep intervals for mom and dad. Clearly, the traditional advice "sleep when baby sleeps" isn't enough. Crib Sheets takes you further, offering practical solutions focused on parent actions rather than those of an unpredictable newborn. There are many simple and specific things parents can do to get the most sleep possible with their baby. Crib Sheets tells them how.

With this book you'll learn about:

  • The secret to maximizing parent sleep
  • What tasks to do only with baby awake, why, and what you'll need
  • Strategic placement of baby items and useful tools
  • Making big brother or sister more self-reliant
  • How the 15 minute "baby contentment window" saves time when cooking with baby
  • Preventing sibling interruption of parent and baby nap time
  • Accomplishing the three most common errands without your vehicle
  • Getting your brood in and out of the car more quickly
  • Minimizing bill payment, correspondence, appointment time and more!

Plus, each chapter features a handy tear-out "crib sheet" checklist.