Removable Pages

This Book Contains Pages that are Meant to be Removed.

This is not your typical baby book. It's not about what cool baby gear to buy, what cute clothes to get, the latest in baby massage, or how to somehow miraculously make an unpredictable newborn sleep longer. It's about preparing now so that you can get more sleep later. And now pre-birth is the best time to prepare because you will be too exhausted and busy after birth. Crib Sheets approach to the problem of new parent sleep deprivation is effective because (1) it details what you can do pre-birth that will allow you to get more sleep after, (2) it focuses on your actions as parents rather than those of the unpredictable newborn, and (3) the first page of each chapter is a tear-out "crib sheet" that lists specific actions you as expectant parents can take to maximize sleep.

Every Book in the Crib Sheets® Series Features Removable "Crib Sheet" Pages!

These tear-out crib sheets are "to-do lists" for each chapter. Feel free to remove them from the book for your use. Each "crib sheet" is a copy of a corresponding chapter header page so that removal does not result in any loss of information from the book, i.e., a copy of the same information remains bound for reference. Because a copy of each chapter's "crib sheet" serves as a header page for that chapter, every suggestion set forth corresponds to a specific chapter section and is fully discussed within -- parents simply turn to that section for elaboration.