Top 10 Most Useful Baby and Toddler Items

Our TOP items are used by parents over and over again, making them wonderfully thoughtful gifts.

Best Hardwood Highchair

Stokke quality without the Stokke price.

1. At half the price of Stokke, the Kettler Junior High Chair Lite is a great value! It's the same furniture eurostyle, but so much more affordable. It's a highchair for baby and a chair for toddlers. The seat and footrest adjust vertically, and can be lowered as your child grows. And it comes with its own seat padding; you don't have to buy it separately (as you do with Stokke).

Best Safety Solutions

Help keep your kids healthy and safe.

2. Want an easy and fullproof way to take your baby's temperature? With the PACIFIER THERMOMETER baby won't even know you're taking her temperature. Easily read baby's temperature and conveniently give them medicine. Great for infants, features comfortable silicone orthodontic nipples Thermometer has digital readout, audible beep when reading is complete and auto power off Medi-Dispenser dispenses medication without baby fussing. Storage case included for thermometer.

3. It's very difficult to find a toddler pillow. And standard pillows are so big and uncomfortable most toddlers end up sleeping flat on the bed in front of the pillow. The Wee Little Pillow is the solution! It's a little bed pillow made in the perfect size for toddlers, very cuddly yet not overstuffed, machine washable, has a soft 100% cotton flannel cover. Available in pink and blue.

4. Is your child ready to potty train? Skip the messy potty seat and use a toilet seat that works for everyone in the family! Finally, a potty training product that KIDS LOVE TO USE. This uniquely designed dual-seat potty training product replaces your current toilet seat, eliminating forever the need for separate, messy potty training devices and unstable toilet seat attachments! The Xpress Trainer Pro incorporates two solidly constructed custom seating areas, one for adults, and one for children, into a single unit that is built to last. The stability and comfort of the smaller seating area allows your potty training child to sit up front, hands free, in a relaxed position, ensuring the quickest potty training possible with minimal fear and frustration. The larger seating area is the same as a standard toilet seat and will prove completely comfortable for adult use.

Best Snack Solutions

These items make snacking help-yourself and mess free

5. With Juice Box Buddies there's no more spurting and spilling juices. Everyone loves take-along juices, but one little squeeze can squirt juice onto carpets, car upholstery--everywhere. These hard-to-find juice holders neatly contain most types of juice boxes and pouches, and kids squeeze the handles...not the juice!

6. And how about snacks on-the-go? The absolute best solution is the Snack Catchers! No more spilled snacks! Tired of chasing Cheerios? The spill-proof Snack-Catcher keeps munchies from tipping and spilling (keeps snacks clean, too!). Domed container holds 9 oz. of dry snacks. Protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch-free. A place to write child's name on the bottom. Contains 2 Snack-Catchers. Assorted gender-neutral colors. Low-price and high reviews on Amazon.

Best Travel Solutions

These items make traveling a whole lot easier.

7. The TRAVEL'N TRUNDLE is an ideal toddler/transitional bed or a perfect portable bed for sleepovers! More substantial than a sleeping bag...and easier to carry, too! This extra-large bed is ideal for trips, overnights at Grandma's, and sleepovers at home. So lightweight, your child will take pride in carrying it himself. The Travel N Trundle beds are great for the "On-the-Go" family. Away from home they are perfect at a hotel. It assembles in seconds and comes with a fitted sheet.

8. How about a neat and easy way to keep snacks, drinks, and toys within your child's reache AND your car clutter-free at the same time? The SIDE RIDER does just that! It keeps travel toys, snacks, & drinks close...and passengers happy! These pop-open "saddlebags" clip to baby's car seat or booster, stashing toys within reach--and keeping back seats neat.

9. Recommended for on-the-go families, The Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray provides flat, safe area to eat and play. Fits most booster seats; buckles around children, car seats, and strollers. Soft, durable, 100% nylon; soft foam reinforcement folds on impact. Includes 2 large side pockets and 2-inch wall stop

10. The WONDER WHEELER is the easy way to cart the family's gear. Why put backs at risk this summer? Or make multiple trips unloading the car? This all-terrain cart makes it a cinch to transport up to 100 lbs. of gear - even on sand or stairs! It holds a large cooler and up to four beach chairs, and includes a roomy storage tote for towels, toys, and more. Unlike the other models, this one features front swivel wheels for the easiest maneuvering. Folds compactly to fit in your trunk. Great for hauling gear to and from from the grandkids' sport events too!

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