I Have a Newborn, Can Crib Sheets Help?


Understandably, many parents don't realize sleep deprivation is such a big problem until after they have their baby. Although the book was written to help parents avoid sleep deprivation by preparing before baby, its methods are just as effective when implemented after birth. Crib Sheets is full of sleep strategies for new moms and dads! Each chapter's handy tear-out crib sheet "to-do list" page makes it easy for tired parents to see exactly what they need to do to get the sleep they need now.

And if you plan on having another child in the future, Crib Sheets will help you prepare before little brother or sister arrives so that you can get the sleep you need. "Sleep when baby sleeps" is even more difficult with a toddler to look after! Chapter Synopsis provides a chapter by chapter summary of Crib Sheets so you can see how it will help you get the sleep you need now.

There's plenty more you can do. For more newborn baby care ideas see www.learnbabycare.com.